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Video: DATAEAGLE 7000

Internet of things: Connect machines and equipment to the cloud

A new technology and business paradigm is emerging: the Internet of Things. Interconnected devices, machinery and facilities are opening up new opportunities, but at the same time adding complexity to your business. We want to handle that complexity for you by managing the technical nitty-gritty of connecting your facilities on a global scale and giving you room to harvest the IoT opportunities, new services, business models and revenue streams.

Have a look at the Schildknecht Internet of Things platform that offers a unique combination of global connectivity, powerful security and manageable costs. Built around our DATAEAGLE 7000 series of IoT gateways, it gives you all the components and services necessary for a strong IoT solution from sensor to cloud. For optimal global operability we use mobile radio tech that offers the highest network coverage and secures independence from existing Internet infrastructures. This comes at a manageable cost as we use universal eSIM cards validated by countless providers and provides solid security to your data at any time since we use end-to-end encryption.