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Webinar Industrial Wireless Solutions for Automation

Webinar Series: Robust “Industrial Wireless Solutions” for Automation

For more than 30 years we – the Schildknecht AG – have been pioneers in the field of wireless data transmission and would now like to take the opportunity to share our knowledge in the field of Industrial Wireless and in particular the implementation of stable wireless solutions in automation applications with our business partners and customers.
We are offering 4 webinars with different focus: The first webinar is an introduction to the topic ” Deployment of wireless solutions in industrial areas” including its success factors. The following three webinars will highlight individual areas in depth. First, how different wireless technologies can already make a difference in an application, including a brief brief outlook on the topic of 5G. Secondly, we will present some projects from different verticals and last last but not least, we will dive into the topic “Safe Applications (Safety)” in detail.

All webinars take 30-45 minutes plus a Q&A session of about 15 minutes. You are welcome to send us your questions in advance using the registration form. We are looking forward to the exchange with you!

Target group:

  • All those who deal with the subject of control engineering, automation technology and radio data transmission,
  • All those who are currently working on a retrofit project to replace slip rings or other data transmission technologies, and
  • All those who have already had good or less good experiences with wireless and are interested in current innovations.
Webinar Schildknecht AG Wireless technologien

Dates (English Language): 13.10.2020 | 15.10.2020 | 20.10.2020 | 22.10.2020 | 11:00 am – 12:00 pm (UTC+2 / MESZ)
Speakers: Elena Eberhardt (Business Development), Didier Kärst (Product Management) and Thomas Schildknecht (CEO)

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The recording of the webinar without the Q&A part will be published a few days after the webinar here & on our Youtube channel DATAEAGLE TV

Webinar Industrial Wireless - Schildknecht AG

This webinar is an introduction to the topic “Industrial Wireless for automation technology” and is recommended for all those interested in the successful deployment of wireless data transmission.

Main topics

  • Introduction to the topic of radio data transmission
  • Differences to alternative technologies like cables or slip rings
  • What should be paid particular attention to when implementing a wireless solution?
  • Presentation of our patented DATAEAGLE Industrial Wireless product range
Webinar Industrial Wireless - Schildknecht AG - Radio Technologies Bluetooth WLAN and 5G

This webinar offers a deep dive into the wireless technologies most frequently used in automation and explains their differences. This webinar is therefore suitable for anyone who wants to go a little deeper into the subject of radio.

Main topics of the webinar 

  • Presentation of the technologies WLAN and Bluetooth
  • Application and comparison between both technologies
  • Outlook to ” 5G for industrial communication
Webinar Industrial Wireless - Schildknecht AG - Application stories and projects

This webinar focuses on the applications and projects that we have implemented over the years, some of which have been running reliably for almost 20 years. This webinar is suitable for all those who would like to find out the extent to which wireless solutions are being used and to identfy if they have similar needs..

Main topics of the webinar 

  • Presentation of the industries and typical applications for Industrial Wireless
  • Applications, which were solved with DATAEAGLE products
  • Success factors for the implementation of a radio solution in the field

In this webinar we will specifically present the possible use of wireless technologies for safety applications. It is therefore suitable for all those who want to learn how to implement safe and stable data communication in compliance with safety regulations.

Main topics of the webinar 

  • What does safety mean for radio: Keyword “Black Channel
  • Wireless safety using the example of a wireless Profibus or Profinet application
  • Success factors in the implementation of a safety solution

Our webinars are over, but we will keep you up to date with future events