Eagle-Family Insights from the Sales Meeting of Schildknecht AG

Last week, more than 20 people from our distributors from all over the world came to Germany to join us for our International Sales Meeting and to share their knowledge and success stories with each other and with us. Last year and as well this year, we developed many new products, with wich we intensively worked on together in workshops. It is very important for us that our distributors are able to consult their customers in the same way as we do. The three-day event was the perfect way to enhance the knowledge of DATAEAGLE products.

To kick off the sales meeting we cheered up the basketball team “MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg” on their Champions League match at the MHP Arena in Ludwigsburg. This vibe has been with us for the remaining two days, which was full of positive discussions, exchange of knowledge and meeting great people. Through workshops, product presentations and practical applications, we discuessed the functionalities of the various products.

The exchange with our dealers was very important for us, on the one hand to gain more insight from the market as we are constantly in search of innovations and on the other hand, to become a better supporter for our distributors. We proudly look back to a successful International Sales Meeting with great feedback, lively participation.

The EAGLE-family is a network full of knowledge and great future perspectives, which we want to expand constantly. We were happy about each one who took the short or the long way to attend our Sales Meeting. We would like to thank you on behalf of the entire team of Schildknecht AG, without you it would’t have been such a perfect event!