Case Studies – Wireless technology in practice

Applications for DATAEAGLE are in conveyor systems for cranes in sewage connection to rotating systems, in automation technology, automated guided vehicle systems, lift systems and many more. Here we have described some interesting examples of our customers. If you want to represent your application here, we are looking forward to your pictures.

Dataeagle für Zug Hebeanlage - Schildknecht AG

DATAEAGLE for railway lifting jacks at Autolift

Autolift GmbH builds railway lifting jacks for complete trains as known from car repair shops. Radio modules applied have to transmit conventional fieldbus protocols and to function reliably even if visual contact is not guaranteed. E.R.S. has made very good experience with DATAEAGLE radio systems for years and applied DATAEAGLE 3000 for Profibus and DATAEAGLE 6000 for CAN Bus.
Zementwerk im IRAQ - Schildknecht AG

Radio system in the cement plant in Iraq

Wireless Profibus radio system controls reclaimer in cement plant in Iraq. The reclaimer has transportation functions and operates in automatic mode.
Einspeiseanlage Vormaterial Kabelrinne

Scheffer Crane Technology relies on Radio

Within automation of modern crane and lifting systems, fieldbus systems are part of the standard equipment for controlling operations. Nowadays, radio links are applied within the fieldbus network, replacing conductor lines applied so far in applications with moved plant components.
Schildknecht AG

Helene Fischer Stage Technology

Stage technology on the occasion of Helene Fischer concerts could hardly be more sophisticated. Singing “Von hier bis unendlich“, Helene Fischer flies over her passionate audience in up to 20 m, preferably also upside down.

Thrill Ride Le Tourbillon - A highly complex twister fitted with radio

Der erste Prototyp des Tourbillon wurde von abc rides im Carnival Hong Kong installiert. Die Positionierung der Kabine wird über Funk mit DATAEGALE realisiert.
Brücjkensensor twitter direkt

DATAEAGLE tweets water level @BrueckeMurr

Thanks to the IoT edge gateway DATAEAGLE M2M/Cellular, the citizens of Murr stay updated about the water level of their river. Twitter handle @BrueckeMurr. Follow us!
DATAEAGLE auf der Schattenbergschanze in der Oberstorfer Skisprungarena "Erdinger Arena" erfolgreich eingesetzt - Schildknecht AG

Ski Jump Erdinger Arena - Inclined Elevator operated by DATAEAGLE

Ski Jump Erdinger Arena: Up to 100.000 interferring transmitters on event days present no probblem for radio system DATAEAGLE which operates in safety mode.
Seilbahn in NewYork - Schildknecht AG

Wireless Transmission for NY's Cable Car to Roosevelt Island

This stunning and historical cableway project was realized by the companies Poma-Leitner and Semer as the automation specialists. They successfully implemented the radio communication system DATAEAGLE 3000 for Profibus in safety mode to connect Manhatten with Roosevelt Island.
Einsatz wireless Profibus auf einem Erdölbohrschiff - Schildknecht AG

Radio Data Transmission in Crude Oil Production on a Drillship

DATAEAGLE 3000 Profibus and Profisafe in an EX-approved housing is used on an oil drillship. The drill is connected wireless to obtain highest availability of production with no down times.
Schachtbefahrungsanlagen A14 Pfändertunnel - Schildknecht AG

Radio-Controlled Shaft Access System of a Highway Tunnel

This tunnel has one of the highest traffic capacities in Austria. A DATAEAGLE 3000 system was installed to manage the shaft access system wireless via Bluetooth along the 320m long shaft.

Wireless Profibus Monitors Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wireless process data transmission in a wastewater treatment plant is realised with DATAEAGLE 3000, that monitors the plant sending measurement values to the PLC.