Plug & Play was developped by our engineers because it is our aim to make a good #experience for our customers in the various phases when working wit our industrial wireless systems.

And Plug&Play especcially makes the setup and installation process short and simple for the person doing it.

Technically Plug & Play means it should be as easy as changing or installing a cable. And that is what is possible with DATAEAGLE radio systems. Even for retrofit applications for instance with fieldbus protocols such as PROFIBUS or PROFINET and now even CAN customers are able to plug in our raduío system withou chaning the plc confoguration for parameters such as: speed, actualisation rate etc.

All DATAEAGLE radio systems can be ordered pre-paired which means that all settings are done by us, so the customers enjoy the Plug&Play functionality without setting the parameters in the radio systems as well.

Plug & Play functionality is possible because DATAEAGLE IndustrialWireless systems are #intelligent. With that we mean that we have a controller inside and special software to provide such features and services.