We get this question asked a lot and and mostly people think that the transmission range is quite low. And of course this is due to the fact that #Bluetooth is a consumer technology and mainly used for device communication such as headphones.

So what is the difference to a non-consumer, an industrial application, that is embedded in our wireless systems DATAEAGLE?
We use the same hardware chips, but we make our own software first of all. So we optimize the communication for indsutrial purpose.

Second, and most relevant is the transmission power. While most #device communication systems use a maximum transmission power of only 1 mW, industrial applications use 100 mW to send data.
The reason for this low transmission power is to optimize for battery lifetime. #Industrial communication, except sensor communication, is not battery powered so we can use the maximum transmission power that is allowed by the radio communication standard.

And the third and very relevant point when it comes to range is the antenna. Antennas provide gain to the transmission power of the device. While a smartphone will use an antenna with no extra gain (0dB) we can use antennas with up to 14dB gain in our applications.

So now that we discussed this a bit deeper, here comes the answer.
In our IndustrialWireless applications using Bluetooth we easily do up to 300 meters indoors and with the best antenna we also do Point-to-Point applications of 1 kilometer!