The DATAEAGLE 4000 series from Schildknecht offers a wireless transmission solution for Ethernet/IP and CIP safety protocols. DATAEAGLE 4000 – Wireless Safety was developed for applications where a safe and robust transmission of data is required. The radio transmission is stable and reliable, which ensures high availability and avoids failures. Robustness against interference and long service life are also important features of these products.

The patented data transmission technology in DATAEAGLE ensures secure communication and robustness against interference. The pre-processing of the data packets enables stable communication without data packet loss. The products can be easily assembled and installed and are capable of replacing existing cables 1:1. The free DATAEAGLE Wizard software enables the integration of the radio systems into network diagnostics.

Wireless Safety products offer numerous advantages for industrial and production applications. Wireless transmission allows devices to be positioned more flexibly and there are no costs for cable laying and maintenance. Data transmission is secure and reliable, ensuring high availability and minimal downtime. Schildknecht’s DATAEAGLE solutions offer reliable and robust transmission of Ethernet/IP and CIP Safety protocols and are an attractive option for companies that need to meet their safety requirements.