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Thrill Ride Le Tourbillon – A highly complex twister fitted with radio

The first prototype works with the DATAEAGLE radio data system

Our customer ATP Hydraulik from Switzerland developed the hydraulic and electrical system and produced the thrill ride Tourbillon for abc rides. The first one was installed at the Carnival in Hong Kong. The 24 passengers on board of the Tourbillon are flipped and turned in all directions including headfirst. Depending on the position of the different rings the passengers are 20 meters above ground. The positioning of the cabin is realised with a Siemens PLC and a radio link DATAEAGLE for wireless Ethernet transmission.  Rotary encoders measure the exact position and send it via radio back to the PLC. The signal transmission for the positioning is done via radio. Therefore, it is important that the radio link is 100% stable and reliable, because bus-error would mean downtime and stop of the cabin. The safety PLC with PLe Kat 4 is redundant and realised with slip ring and rotary feedthroughs. This Ethernet field bus shouldn’t have additional traffic from positioning signals, thus, the signal transmission for positioning is done wireless with a DATAEAGLE.

More information can be found online on the homepage of ATP Hydraulik AG