Case Studies

Helene Fischer Stage Technology

Schildknecht AG

And the bird flies smoothly at every concert

Stage technology on the occasion of Helene Fischer concerts could hardly be more sophisticated. Singing “Von hier bis unendlich“, Helene Fischer flies over her passionate audience in up to 20 m, preferably also upside down. After the spectacular air show she lands with her gigantic bird on a central stage in the middle of the event hall. The fanciful bird is actuated via radio with DATAEAGLE.

Stage technology usually requires highest availability of the transmission path as well as security of people in the interaction with technology. Due to the 80 m long and winding rails, no trailing cable connection to the bird could be realized. Power supply was via a bus bar. This system as well as the radio link is required to work smoothly during each event with complete reliability and security.

The entire power electronics (5x Fülling & Partner Highline Slave) goes with the rail. DATAEAGLE 3702 is applied for the PROFIBUS connection between Highline Master and Slaves. In parallel, there is also an independent system for emergency stop. Transmission is realized via 2.4 GHz Bluetooth without interferences and failures. In approx. 90% of all systems, Bluetooth is meanwhile applied instead of WLAN since its robustness is a hundred times higher.

Thanks to the patent for stabilizing a radio connection the team of Schildknecht AG as well as stage technology SWL and Fülling & Partner does not remain breathless (German: atemlos – according to the Helene Fischer song). All concerts as well as many further applications in the field of stage technology went smoothly without interferences and failures. For example the musicals Aladdin in Hamburg, Rocky in Stuttgart, Beauty and the Beast in the tour version for Barcelona and Moscow or also the wing carriage at the Bavarian Theatre in Munich.

Steffen Boschert, Owner and General Manager SWL GmbH:

“We have been very satisfied with the quality and reliability
of the systems applied and particularly the support provided
by the company Schildknecht.“