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DATAEAGLE tweets water level @BrueckeMurr

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With the permission of the city Murr (close to Stuttgart in Germany), Schildknecht AG installed a system to monitor the water level of the small river called Murr. This system is a combination of the radio system DATAEAGLE 7000 and an ultrasonic sensor, that measures the distance to the water surface.

The radio system  DATAEAGLE 7000 transmits the values directly to our portal (Login: pegelstand_murr_bruecke Password: dataeagle7000) and in case of a water level change tweets a notification via @BrueckeMurr. Thanks to this solution the citizens of Murr and its surroundings stay informed and stay updated in case of high watermark.

DATAEAGLE 7000 consists of a battery, that also supplies energy to the sensor. The measurement intervals as well as the data transmission interval can be defined via the portal. Thus, optimal settings for all use cases can be set this way.  If the sensor measures a rising tide, automatically the periods become shorter and alarm signals are tweeted in real-time.