The black channel principle allows the transmission of safe and non-safe process data over the same network or bus line. Independent of the regular data transport mechanism used on this line, safety components can transmit data using an isolated safe protocol that tunnels through the underlying network channel. Since safe fieldbuses are pure application protocols without their own physical properties, the available bandwidths and cycle times depend on the data transport protocol used. Possible transmission errors are known and listed in the relevant standards IEC 61784-3 and IEC 61508.

What does this mean for PROFIsafe?

The PROFIsafe protocol has no repercussions on the standard bus protocols. It is intended to be as independent as possible of the respective transmission channel, whether copper cable, fibre optic cable, backplane bus or wireless. Neither the transmission rates nor the respective error detection play a role.

For PROFIsafe, the transmission channels are merely “black channels”. The DATAEAGLE 3732 and DATAEAGLE 4732 wireless PROFISAFE data radio systems were specially developed for the wireless transmission of PROFIsafe via Bluetooth. The use of the patented filter technology guarantees a stable, reliable radio connection, without bus errors in your PROFIsafe applications.

– Wireless PROFIsafe