Case Studies

DATAEAGLE for railway lifting jacks at Autolift

Dataeagle für Zug Hebeanlage - Schildknecht AG

Autolift GmbH builds railway lifting jacks for complete trains as known from car repair shops. However, these jacks are mobile and depending on the kind of train are also positioned at different positions. The picture clearly shows all the twelve jacks which are connected via a DATAEAGLE 3000 Wireless Profibus link with the lifting movement being subject to central control. The radio antennas are respectively located on the control unit boxes of the jacks. The optional multi-point operation allows for all jacks (slaves) being capable of communicating with each other continuously. This increases accuracy and safety of the movement. Due to the small size Autolift applies DATAEAGLE Compact.

Due to the movement of the hydraulic jacks, lifting jacks always involve the risk of cable connections getting squeezed out. Therefore, the company E.R.S. relies on radio technology in automatization projects such as this one. Radio modules applied have to transmit conventional fieldbus protocols and to function reliably even if visual contact is not guaranteed. E.R.S. has made very good experience with DATAEAGLE radio systems for years and applied DATAEAGLE 3000 for Profibus and DATAEAGLE 6000 for CAN Bus.

The radio technology used in this hoisting technology application is the proven Bluetooth at 2.4 GHz. So-called frequency hopping allows for reliable data transmission in 10ms cycles via the respectively available frequency. At the same time, the position and therewith synchronicity of the hydraulic jacks is monitored and guaranteed.
A further application (report) of the company E.R.S. is successfully running with Wireless CAN DATAEAGLE 6700 in Russia.